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our company

When are you moving?

Toronto & GTA is a distinct service zone for regular and ongoing scheduling of workshops. We are not moving to Toronto. Our brick and mortar plans are for Windsor and Detroit.

Detroit-Windsor is a strategic location for us. To explore our top 5 reasons for moving here, click to read about Cordelle's leap of faith.

Are you hiring?

In the near future, I look forward to hiring my openhearted team. Currently, I'm gathering seed money from ticket sales of workshops, but not "angel" investors or venture capital.

I will be looking for people to shine bright outside Silicon Valley.. and to build a culture beyond tech norms of ageism and sexism.

Can I buy shares?

No. This website and educational workshops are for informational purposes only and do not constitute an offer or solicitation to sell shares or securities in the Company.

The Company does not intend to solicit and is not soliciting any action with respect to any security in any jurisdiction.

Do you still work at a university?

No. It is challenging to protect intellectual property rights as a student, faculty, or staff at a university with regard to inventorship and and the patenting of invention. 

In your website, who is "we"?

Cordelle values collaboration. This website is a mix of first person and "we" in reference to his spouse of ten years, workshop attendees, patrons, and near-future company team.

our workshops

When are you coming to..?

We are prioritizing one-day workshops in the Toronto service zone. Then, in addition to our 2018 Summer Camp for Adults, workshop dates will be confirmed for the United States.  

What if I don't need credits?

Students from the School of Life Experience and the College of Lifelong Learning are welcome. It's optional to request an Association or College to assess continuing education credit. 

What if I'm a student?

Fantastic. My research changed from a focus on midlife transitions to economic psychology because of a Lunch & Learn. Who knows what the future holds after your workshop day!

What if I'm an admin assistant?

I value the importance of first-contact and ongoing touch-points in client relationships by Front Desk staff, Administrative Assistants, and Intake Coordinators. Yes, you're invited! 

I'm not good with money.

Do you have self-doubt about buying a ticket for a workshop because of a troublesome relationship with money? Make a strong decision. I invite you to learn more about you.

our future with you

workshop with us

Do you have an appetite for knowledge? Join our workshop and, instead of a formal seated dinner, you will become part of a Workshop Kitchen of knowledge-building.

the integrity of goal completion

Join our journey. In your experience of a workshop, you will strengthen your courage forward. New! As you follow my real story in Diary of an Inventor, the good and the difficult, you will feel inspired towards your personal finish line.

our natural advantage

Have you ever wanted to be at the beginning of something?

Now is your chance. As I am named Neufeld, I am providing a new field of perception in economic psychology beyond the swallowing waters of conformity in the status quo.

here's who buys tickets

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Tap the circle to discover more about what resonated with Massage Therapists.

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Tap the circle to discover more about the why of Psychotherapists and Counsellors.

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Tap the circle to discover more about what made sense for Registered Nurses.