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Hi. Thanks for exploring more of how you feel about OpenPaths®. On this webpage, you will find.. 

  1. a friendly introduction to Cordelle,
  2. my invitation for you to become a citizen scientist by joining our next workshop in Toronto, and
  3. answers to why we moved from Calgary to metro Detroit-Windsor.

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Cordelle Neufeld and his yellow backpack | psychotherapy and Gestalt psychology workshops in Toronto

Cordelle Neufeld

Awareness of the moon is a small example of looking outside of oneself to larger patterns. It was the day before midnight of the Full Moon 🌕 – known as the Thunder Moon or Buck Moon – when this pic was taken for you on July 8th, 2017 in Ojibway Prairie Provincial Nature Reserve, Ontario.

My birthname means rope maker of a land reclaimed from the sea.

In a way, I am my name. Together, we co-make meaningful and practical patterns.

Twift of story. Twist of fate. Turning points of change.

this is who I am

Cordelle Neufeld and his OpenPaths cap | Gestalt psychology and psychotherapy workshops in Toronto

inspired inventor

I am inspired by Gestalt psychology. As a quantitative Gestalt researcher, I study the whole-part relations of change in an economic environment influencing potential changes in psychology – in an individual and across a population. In turn, this inspired research discovery and invention.

insightful instigator of change

In my workshops, I am dedicated to inviting touchpoint and turnpoint experiences that are experienced as a time within time or, for some, a time out of time. It is this stepping into or out of the timeflow of our day that opens us to the experience of loss, renewal, and transformation.

What holds you back?

In stillness, what do you hear? What moves you forward?

What (or who) do you need to let go of?

I have been providing psychotherapy services since January 2011. In addition to the coursework of my graduate program, I also completed 1,010 internship hours (unpaid) counselling individuals and couples to prepare me for private practice. This work exercised my heartmuscle.

interconnective investigator

An openness to surprise in my research, as well as the determination to persevere against the status quo, is influenced by the life and philosophy of the American scientist Charles Peirce. This influence motivates the practical nature and opportunity for reflective clarity in my workshops.

intuitive inspirator

My work with you is grounded in 710 hours of a comprehensive graduate program in applied psychology, as well as Jungian and neo-Jungian psychology. Traditions of Gestalt Practice influence the cultivation of imagination, creativity, and innovation in your experience of OpenPaths®. 

imaginative integrator

Protecting our democracy of choice with patent initiatives for my invention is informed by a principle of interdependence. It's also inspired by the summer I worked at Hollyhock – an institute in kinship with Esalen in California – and the cultural potential of transformational education.

..and loyal to the instillment of courage and creativity

Islands have played an important role in my personal pilgrimage (pre-graduate school).

On Cortes Island, I ate fresh fire-roasted oysters and swam in waters with each movement lit with bioluminescence. Stars above, and starlight bodyshadows in the water. Even in summer, the waters are cold. So, we ran back to the hot tubs in the dark over black slippery rocks.

On the Hawaiian Island of Moloka'i, I felt a calling to Ka'ule O Nanahoa but did not know what was calling me forward until a turn-of-trail serendipity. I jogged up the side of the volcano alone and through the blue-scented haze of eucalyptus forest. I laid my hands on the stone. Gratitude.

On the Big Island, with men from Kalani, a pod of dolphins surprised us with a game of tag when we were swimming one day. Play. Another day, a giant turtle swam up to me and looked at me with an old curiosity as I snorkelled in a coral reef ecosystem. His shell reminded me of the Phallic Rock of Moloka'i, and something inside of me knew it was time for me to make my next step.

Each moment, and countless others, contributed to the synchronicity of journey.

Maybe your next step of courage is to join me in a workshop.

Maybe your next step of entrepreneurial creativity is to imagine differently.

Maybe your next step is today.

What is your leap of faith?

learning goals

what is your next? | bridge on forest path | psychology workshop in Toronto for personal development


With OpenPaths®, the goal of our self-awareness process is to create better self-knowledge and self-in-relation knowledge. You will learn to strengthen yourself as a reflective and accountable practitioner with contextual consideration of the economy and your economic ecosystem.


You will learn to recognize limitations of your current personal understanding of psychology in relation to financial circumstance, the economy, and economic change, and identify relevant areas of competency that need to be refreshed or extended. You will begin to see and solve problems.

skills and competencies

Learning about economic psychology with Cordelle will provide you a source of informed criticism and valuing to help you identify blindspots, gaps, and self-deception in your personal evaluative process, to which you can reflect and respond with strategic and meaningful personal growth.


The primary learning goal is to widen the scope of ethical consideration to include the economic environment. A secondary learning goal related to ethics is to exercise self-care and feedback-receptive behavior with guided reflection on personal health, well-being, and relationships. 


In your workshop, you will learn to recognize financial diversity, identify perceived economic pressures, and prepare for diverse potential impacts of economic change. You are also invited to develop good faith relationships across borders of method, modality, and discipline .

the anti-trend workshop

Three experiential learning goals are contrasted with three trends:

  1. To engage in focused in-person relationality and deep learning vs. virtual multitasking
  2. To connect with self-presence and self-in-presence vs. FOMO (fear of missing out)
  3. To reflect on contingency and self-preparedness vs. YOLO (you only live once)

This is an evidence-based workshop using big data, not small data.

At the core of your workshop is original research.

We are the change.

a reflection

rediscover your fire nectar | moths with orange spots on wings on orange flowers | holistic workshop


In our workshop relationship, I'm contributing to a space for you to approach yourself with a sense of exploration. As we gather more experience, sometimes we lose touch with curiosity. Be willing to release familiarity. By being centered in a present moment, we can let go of our expectations of a similar outcome to a similar situation. What will you discover?

By innocence, I'm referring to a genuine adult openness to encounter surprise, a sense of wonder, and transformational creativity in the midst of the cumulative history of your lived life. This is a post-sophistication skill that invites a wider perspective, deeper experience, and fresh fire.


In our workshop relationship, you're responsible for prioritizing your experience in the day. I encourage you to discern the values that make you happiest, and strive to open to these values in your workshop day. Our shared priority for the day is to slow into flow – to feel creative, to feel community, and to feel belonging. With regard to priority, you may ask yourself, "What will be?"  


To be moved in our time together is the focus of our combined purpose for the workshop day, and not be moved by the circumstances that are surrounding us at that time. I lead in a way that is gentle and inclusive. I'm also protective of a culture that is kind. After you've purchased a ticket, I ask that you safeguard your resolve to be present and open. Bring yourself forward.


The inclusion of original research discovery in my workshops will give you a unique awareness of a bigger picture. This will guide you to notice movements and influences of patterns that impact your creation of wealth and well-being. Abundance is more than an attitude. What insight will you encounter on your workshop day? What will be your foresight? What will move you?

this is where I come from

what is your call of flame | moth with black & yellow wings | Gestalt psychology workshop in Toronto


15 years ago, I was the Research Director of Behavioral Neuroscience at a private pre-clinical contract research company. I managed multiple trials of novel drug compounds designed for the cure of stroke and spinal cord injury through behavioral testing of rats. I supervised a team of nine full-time and six part-time employees. When this job ended, I sold nearly everything I owned except for my car and drove off into the mountains with a tent for a spiritual walkabout.

If you're curious, I occasionally share a story from this journey in my workshops.

west of the mountains

Before moving to metro Detroit-Windsor, I lived and worked at the University of British Columbia (145 miles north of Seattle) encircled by great trees of the Pacific Spirit Regional Park.

When I first arrived on-campus looking for a job, a small piece of white paper caught my eye in the fragrant green of a juniper bush. I stopped, leaned over, and picked it up. On this piece of paper were two words: "you noticed." A stranger said to me with these words that I was in the right place at the right time. Soon thereafter, I was hired into the Faculty of Medicine and then into the Faculty of Graduate Studies as the coordinator of professional development for students.

One cold winter day, walking down to the beach, a creative spark inspired me to think differently. Here, on the west coast, the idea of OpenPaths® was conceived on the shores of the Salish Sea.

east of the mountains

When it was time, we made our first leap of faith and moved across the Rocky Mountains to the province of Alberta. After our arrival, I applied for and was accepted into graduate school at the University of Calgary (200 miles north of Montana). Day-trip excursions to the mountains and nearby hot springs of Banff reminded me of life and dreams outside the rigors of school.

Next, we made our second leap of faith to move again across the prairies to the Great Lakes.

My workshops are grounded in a research project that I initiated and championed in Calgary. But, it's the interpretation of research findings and my invention in Windsor that makes a world of difference.. a full 2,950 miles (4,750 km) from the birthplace of OpenPaths® in Vancouver.

the past

Wineries say terroir contributes to the taste of a good wine. But, a great wine requires a grape vine to struggle a little to produce the grapes of more flavorful and complex wines. Like a great wine, we believe it's important to consider the environments in which we've lived to begin to understand the soul and character of our company.

I've worked hard to establish our roots. Nine formative years of OpenPaths® were necessary to provide you with a nutrient-rich and full-bodied workshop.

the future

Our next workshop is in Toronto/Oakville inside the Golden Horseshoe.

citizen science

notice your awareness | female symbol of deer in the woods | Gestalt psychology workshops in Toronto

our gestalt

In pursuit of widely distributed experimentation

democratization of science

We believe that scientific advances in economic psychology should be responsive to your cares and needs. Importantly, we also believe in a collaborative model of participatory science.

an old practice: citizen science in 1890

In the United States, the Cooperative Observer Program was created in 1890 to provide observational data to the National Weather Service. Volunteer weather observers play a critical role in supporting forecast and warning programs by providing observations of maximum and minimum temperatures in a variety of environments, as well as rainfall, snowfall, snow depth, river water level heights, and other special phenomena such as days with thunder.

These weather observers are citizen scientists who have collected data on rain, hail, and snow for 127 years. Together, the efforts of citizen science are core to the decision-making process to reduce impacts and manage risks of damaging weather. 

citizen science with OpenPaths®

In the physical environment, citizen scientists observe and report weather elements on a scheduled basis with a set of simple weather instruments. The data collected through citizen science has proven to be more stable than modern airport data (NOAA).

Likewise, in the economic environment, citizen scientists are invited by OpenPaths® into a network to observe and report psychological elements on a scheduled basis with a set of simple psychology questions. The data collected through essential, basic observations of experiential intelligence in near real-time has potential to provide meaningful forecasts.

outside the tower

At one time, the earth was believed to be stationary. Those that were faithful to reason argued that if the earth moved when a stone was dropped from a tower, the stone would not have a straight-down fall. Instead, the stone would fall, the tower would move, and the stone, having fallen, would be found to have been left behind. Since stones fell down and not away, the earth was proclaimed by scientific authorities to be the center of all that moved. (source)

In this our time, you have a unique opportunity with OpenPaths® to see beyond the stones dropped from towers of concrete and glass. The question: How can we forecast economic change more accurately? Stepping outside the towers of status quo, and beyond the dropping and throwing of stones, we propose a return to science in the wider field of perception.

This is our Galilean paradigm shift.

It's also why we're in the pursuit of patents, not the stonefall of peer-review.

Practical. Of the people. By the people. For the people.

Across the people.

our practice of humanitarian science

We believe that biodiversity and considerations of the economic ecosystem are foundational to good psychological research. This motivated Cordelle's original research.

Beginning in October 2011, Cordelle initiated and pioneered a 90-month longitudinal study of distress before, during, and after the Great Recession. This breakthrough research project involved 592,907 points-of-contact – the start of our big data discovery!

As the Guardian and Steward of citizen science with OpenPaths®, we feel an in-depth responsibility to provide you with a unique capacity to explore inner landscapes of human potential, discover transformative possibilities, and self-prepare for economic storms. 

Currently, we are in the start-up phase of acquiring patents to protect Cordelle's invention in economic psychology. Why? A patent accompanied by continued invention in the private sector opens doors that were locked in the status quo of academia at the time of first invention.

Our next steps include providing practical workshops to share research discoveries and to self-fund the inclusivity of an OpenPaths® app for you to capture your personal data point.

Opening moments. OpenPaths® to better futures.

company info

Detroit downtown and Curtis Randolph fireboat water salute on Detroit River by Cordelle Neufeld 2015

established 2008

OpenPaths Inc. was incorporated on January 22, 2008 at moonrise of the Full Moon 🌕.

mailing address

Cordelle Neufeld

PO Box 34010 Campbell R.O.

Windsor, ON  N9B 3Y7

Canada (map)

If something in this website resonated with you, let me know. I invite you to mail a card or postcard with a personal note to me. I look forward to hearing from you.

What is your self-discovery? Share your movement. It doesn't have to be a long note, maybe a paragraph or so. For example, tell me about something that moves you: your next step, an ending, an act of courage, an act of kindness given or received, a new beginning, or your leap of faith.

Sometimes moving an inspiration or aspiration from your thoughtworld into the written word, sealing it in an envelope, and sending it in the mail can be an act of commitment to yourself. What you share may influence a post in my diary but, to assure your privacy, I will not mail you a reply.

no email list / no newsletter

We do not have a workshop waitlist, a newsletter or nuisance flyer to clutter your inbox, or an email distribution list to notify you of upcoming workshops or retreats.

our socials

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Everything has a beginning. At the moment, I'm keeping the introduction of Patreon low key so that I have time to build up posts in my online diary. When you visit, there will be $0 in patron donations. Visit the building site, read the goals, and maybe become the First of Donors.

With membership as a patron, you reward yourself to open access to my weekly reflections for personal self-study and inspiration. It also helps prepare your mind for your workshop.

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Why? Loyal supporters on Patreon will contribute and help define the movement. My most loyal patrons reward themselves by subscribing to the engagement and empowerment of open access to OpenPaths® tickets for workshops, retreats, and our 2018 Summer Camp for Adults.

Join. Dream. Journey.

Why can only patrons unlock your diary?

Most everyone encounters obstacles, difficulties, and challenges with money. My workshops, as well as my weekly reflections on Patreon, are about research findings, discovery, innovation, and (after my patent application has been filed) invention.. and the journey along the way.

I'm not about get-rich-quick schemes or a one "true" way of making it big. I do not preach a prosperity gospel. Instead, I provide research-based professional and personal development. My research activities are dedicated to supporting your personal and professional well-being. For example, you will learn about your personal vulnerability to fraud and financial harm, including the potential dangers of optimism, one-sided positive thinking, and positive psychology.

Our focus is on psychological flexibility.

I have not "made it." I persevere through financial twists and turns in my dedication to the research. For transparency, the balance owing on student loans for my graduate studies at the University of Calgary was $108,563.15 as of July 2017. Each and every day an additional daily interest charge of $14.33 is added to my student debt. This is my obstacle as an inventor. 

No university funding was provided for this research.

Despite the hype and hyperbole about supporting innovation at universities, the status quo can be firmly entrenched in deciding priority research areas for research funding. Something new that is perceived as disruptive to the status quo can easily be locked out of the economy of research.

By unlocking my diary as a patron, you unlock research potential.

Each workshop participant is part of something bigger. Now, even if you live afar, you can also be a part of creating the opportunity for citizen science and the democracy of economic choice.

our home

We are 2 miles by car or bus to downtown Detroit 48226.

The photograph of downtown Detroit was taken by Cordelle from the Windsor side of Detroit River when we first moved here in the summer of 2015. Detroit's fireboat is also in the pic.

Detroit-Windsor is a land of underground salt mines, stories from the Prohibition, and the disruptive breakthrough of innovation by Henry Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler.

With OpenPaths®, we ask the big "What if?" question.

You can play a part in our big answer.

a leap of faith

renew your strength | male symbol of deer with velvet antlers | Gestalt psychology workshops Toronto

Why did you move here/there?

We moved to downtown Windsor to be across the river from downtown Detroit. It's a strategic location for us because of the hybrid nature of my research with economic psychology.

We are located less than 15 minutes from downtown Detroit via the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel built in 1930 that connects downtown Detroit with downtown Windsor underneath the river.

So, why here? Here are some reasons:

1) George Katona

After the stock market crashed in October 1929, a worldwide Great Depression had devastating effects that rippled through families, communities, and industry. In response, the Gestalt psychologist George Katona advocated for the development of economic psychology to predict economic turning points and mitigate suffering. He founded the Consumer Sentiment Index.

After the Financial Crisis of 2007 to 2008, and a worldwide Great Recession, I was inspired by the failure and possibility of George Katona's work to invent a new model of economic forecasting. Now, I live near the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor where he worked from 1946 to 1972. 

In moving to Detroit-Windsor, we also have access to talent from Ann Arbor, the most educated city in America (stats), located 45 miles west of downtown Detroit. As we grow into a cross-border technology company, this was an important consideration for our strategic move to Windsor.

2) History of Disruptors (and Connection)

In the tradition and footsteps of George Katona, we are disruptors.

This resonates with the unique and storied past of disruption in Detroit-Windsor..

These stories of disruption are also a story of connection between the United States and Canada. Present-day partnership is found in Detroit as the second busiest port for trucks and loaded truck containers in North America after Laredo, Texas (stats).

The Greater Detroit Foreign-Trade Zone was established in July 1981.

Across the river, Windsor-Essex was also designated a Foreign Trade Zone in July 2017.

In order to handle the trade intensity of the region, construction of the Gordie Howe International Bridge will begin in summer 2019 with completion scheduled for 2023 (news). Curiously, the ongoing story of this bridge soon-to-be built is also one of disruption and connection.

3) Detroit

In our future, unicorns will be born in Detroit.

What is the heartpulse of Detroit?

Think Berlin. The City of Detroit is the birthplace of techno.

Feel Movement.

We are drawn to the true-to-itself culture of Detroit. There is authenticity in Detroit's historical contributions, strength in the art and sports of a great city, and grit to change.

When I'm asked to describe Detroit, I start with the Monument to Joe Louis – a giant bronze fist. It's representative of the fight for freedom in and beyond borders. The audacity. Believe 🎵

The historical and cultural significance of 316-year-old Detroit as the arsenal of democracy, as well as its rebirth as America's great comeback city, is aligned with our why:

  • to democratize choice,
  • and, to champion better futures

Detroit is transforming itself, and we find this inspiring. Old rules are broken. From failure, Detroit is rebuilding. But, there are no easy answers to the question: "What's next in the story of Detroit?" (stats; pics) This question is one of promise and complexity. Looking back in order to move forward, the summer of 2017 marks the 50-year anniversary of the Detroit riot of 1967.


✩ 2017 Movie Trailer: Detroit

✩ 2017 Documentary Trailer: 12th and Clairmount

✩ WXYZ TV: Looking Back To Look Forward

✩ Personal Stories: Michigan Radio

✩ News: Windsor Star

✩ Looking Forward 100 Years: Detroit Future City

Today, Detroit is known as one of the safer cities to escape climate change in the US (NY Times). Michigan is forecast to be one of the safer states (video). That said, Detroit is forecast to experience more high heat days and higher precipitation events (report).

It's our long-term business strategy to consider the risks of climate change and population shifts in the US that are already occurring in response to climate change.

We're in good company. Companies that are expanding to downtown Detroit include Microsoft and LinkedIn, as well as retailers like Warby Parker and Lululemon. New office towers proposed include the 35-story Monroe Blocks and the 52-story Hudson's (Detroit's tallest at 734 feet).

4) The Great Lakes

The Great Lakes Region is home to nearly 60 million people (Great Lakes Megalopolis; map). Detroit is the steampunk heart of the region. If traffic is okay, a drivetime of 4.5 hours will take you east to Toronto or west to Chicago. Double your drivetime, and you're in Washington, D.C.

Despite the number of people, you're never far from the wilds of water and forest. You may have glimpsed this in the pictures I've taken for our website only 15 minutes from my home. The time to be in downtown Detroit is the same as the time to be in the middle of an old growth forest.

Some of my favorite things are here: cherries, lake recreation, beaches, wine country, the glow of fireflies, Petoskey stones (find), and thunderstorms. Windsor has more electrical storm activity than anywhere else in Canada. On average, there are 33 days of thunder every year (source).

5) Symbolic Ground

I've found a sense of natural connection to be located on "The Bending River" at the well-travelled gathering place of the People of Three Fires. This aligns with the groundwork of bringing OpenPaths® technology to life in invention that connects you to insight and foresight.

We've staked our claim in the midwest – in flyover country – because creativity doesn't exist only on the West Coast and East Coast, it's alive in the land of Moundbuilders (more).

Join Cordelle